Monday, 19 May 2014

"Incoming! - Tower Defense" is entering the closed Beta

Hamburg, May 19th 2014 – The brand-new mobile tower defense "Incoming!“ by Xyrality is entering the closed beta phase. This free to play title offers a whopping 160 levels, spread out across different worlds with countless variations of monsters, spells and towers. The publisher and developer from Hamburg invites anyone interested in this game to sign up for a beta key in order to either get involved in a big part of the testing phase of the 3D tower defence game, or to simply catch a first glimpse of the game.
""Incoming!" is a very ambitious project for which our goal is to introduce true quality to a tower defense-game. This title combines amazing 3D comic graphics with a huge amount of levels, mobs and tactical possibilities, turning it into an appealing package. Furthermore we venture a very interesting model of monetization for this kind of genre”, chief executive of Xyrality GmbH Sven Ossenbr├╝ggen annotates.
You can find the registration for the beta test here:

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