Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Jellies Are Coming to iOS

Upcoming iOS Adventure Game, Jellies, Promises Addictive Fun For All Ages

Los Angeles, May 28, 2014 – Interactive indie developer and publisher of mobile and tablet games, B27 together with indie game developer 52 Hertz Whale, announced today it will launch, Jellies, this coming June for iOS.  Jellies promises highly-addictive fun for players of all ages as they set out to capture wicked jellies earning points and funny achievements along the way!  The game will be available in the App Store beginning June 26th.

Wicked Jellies have bitten off Bob’s fingers and it’s up to players to help Bob in his adventure to return his fingers!  Players will have 60 seconds to catch as many jellies as they can in a colorful animated world full of comical effects.  Each jellyfish caught can be redeemed for Electroshock, bombs and berserker mode to help improve results!

“Jellies will feature the type of addictive game play that you just can’t put down,” said Ajay Chadha, Founder of B27.  “It was exciting to work with 52 Hertz Whale as they share the same indie creativity and passion as we do and it really shows in this upcoming title.”

Jellies will include a variety of cool features including two time modes – timed and endless – so players can beat the clock to reach a high score or relax and enjoy “jellyfishing.”  Loop jellyfish chains in cool combo tricks to double the score.  Discover new locations by catching special jellies or take a mission to earn comical achievements to speed up progress. 

“This game is designed for people who are tired of today’s game industry seriousness and really want to have fun like games of the past,” said Mikhail Shagin of 52 Hertz Whale.  “We are thrilled to work closely with B27 on the launch of this title.”

The irreverent game will feature ridiculous dialogues as players communicate with wacky characters Bob and Mr. Seagull, or unlock Bob’s travel memories by visiting InstaBob on his social network pages.  These Jellies are never calm, crying, shouting or singing; this adventure will have players on their toes capturing jellies, earning points in addictive gameplay that never ends! 

Up next for Jellies: fight with your friends, collect victories and become a champion!  To follow all the Jellies news visit, Twitter @jelliesgame, Instagram @jelliesgame and the official Facebook page

About B27
Balloon 27 (B27) is an indie developer and publisher of mobile and tablet games. B27 was spearheaded by Ajay Chadha. Chadha is well versed in Digital Media, working on brands such as Nintendo and Disney. The B27 founder believes, “As many things separate us in the world today, we believe gaming can unite us.” The idea of connecting individuals via gaming came to fruition as B27 was founded with no regard to location, language or time zone, but with a simple love for building games. While games are currently B27’s primary focus, they believe as the digital world evolves the possibilities are endless.
About 52 Hertz Whale

52 Hertz Whale is an indie game developer from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. The company was founded by three young men who started to develop their first game as a hobby, but later devoted all their time to creating games believing that videogames are now the biggest known art form. Creating a game creates a new little world and our goal is to have people who are tired of today’s game industry seriousness to have fun like they did in the past.  Inspired by successful indie titles and attention to detail, the founders aim to create games that people will fall in love with. 

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