Monday, 5 May 2014

More Mega than Bob, more Super than Mega Bob, it's... Super Mega Bob!

If you like your games fast, furious, frantic, frenetic and other alliterative words, this one may interest you.

"Super Mega Bob is a retro 2D SHMUP influenced by games like Mega Man, The Binding of Isaac, Adventures of Lolo, Diablo III, Jetpack, and Raptor: Call of the Shadows. The game is loaded with original pixel art and beautiful day/night and weather cycles that keep gameplay fresh and colorful.

The idea for Super Mega Bob first originated as a question: "How much can you make happen on one screen?" It quickly took me to the idea of extremely strategically designed levels filled with more enemies than I had ever seen in any 2D SHMUPs myself. What Super Mega Bob is at the moment is a foundation - one that, if built upon, will lead to a 2D SHMUP that is more strategically challenging than almost any other out on the market."

Check out the Super Mega Bob Kickstarter Page, and the trailer / screenshots below.  You can also download the beta for free.  At the time of posting, there are 10 days to go and a modest funding goal to achieve.  A $5 pledge bags you a copy of the game.

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