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Ittle Dew - new trailer and information update

Posted by Dave Seaman on Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Word has been spreading for some time now about Ludosity’s new project, an offbeat puzzly Action-Adventure titled Ittle Dew. The developers have been working very hard and have regularly released gameplay videos to keep their fans updated. There still is much work to be done, and the guys want to get it perfect, so they kindly ask for their fans’ patience. However, they thought the time has come to reveal more than gameplay videos, in the form of a more in-depth description of the game, just to make things clear about what you are waiting for.

Formed in 2008 in Sweden, Ludosity have previously released the indie hit Bob Came In Pieces, which has sold more than 50,000 copies, as well as several smaller games for Android, iOS, Xbox Live Indie Games and the Web. The quirky flash game Garden Gnome Carnage has been played more than 5 million times so far. Next on the menu is Ittle Dew – take the caustic, cruel flavor of humor from Garden Gnome Carnage, add in some Bob Came in Pieces accents, sprinkle it with mellow nostalgia and add some modern game engine tech, and you end up with a full, distinctive, new aroma. Hungry yet?

Ittle Dew is an unapologetic girl with only one thing on her mind – adventure!  One day when she is out sailing the seas, she crashes onto an island, damaging her boat badly. She soon discovers Itan Carver, a trader who promises to fix her boat – for a price. Ittle has no money, but she knows where to find it. There just so happens to be a rich guy living in a fancy castle nearby. Ittle resolutely breaks and enters, and begins her quest for valuable loot!

The game is quirky in style, has lovely hand drawn visuals and crazy characters such as Tippsie, a winged rodent, who is perpetually drunk, living up to the moniker. In terms of genres, we’re dealing with an action-adventure game with exploration, dungeons, cool items and weapons to find, puzzles, bossfights and crazy NPC’s. Gameplay focuses on streamlining the classic adventure formula, by for instance, boiling down the amount of weapons to four basic ones – Bombs, Icegun, Portalwand, and the Stick (which can be set on fire). These can be combined to solve puzzles and defeat enemies in innovative ways, making much of the game highly replayable. The level design actively embraces open-endedness with ingenious puzzles that can be solved in many different ways, many of them quite subtle. Rewards are given to players who experiment and explore the many secrets of the castle. The game is also built for speed-running, and keep tracks of all your best times and completion gear (or lack thereof) with achievements and leaderboards.

Ludosity will be present at GDC.

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