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Adder - a game of sums - is iPhone brain-training in its purest form

Posted by Dave Seaman on Wednesday, 22 February 2012

February 2012: Independent game developer releases Adder on the iPhone, a vicious little game that will push your adding skills to their limits and beyond. This calculator in reverse will throw numbers at you and your task is to sum them up and provide the answer; a deceptively simple concept hiding surprising variation. 


+ Always challenging, never crushing 
Adaptive difficulty ensures a fun game no matter how good or bad an adder you are. 

+ Baby mode for the youngest adders 
After all, the game was conceived by a four-year-old - she’d better get to enjoy it. 

+ Ridiculously detailed statistics 
Some of it actually useful. For instance, do you know what time of the day your brain is at its sharpest? The answer might surprise you! (It sure did us.) 

+ Achievements and global rankings 
For the competitively inclined. For the collector. For the downright insane. 

Adder: on the plus side, it’s fun, healthy and educational - and if there was ever a game with nothing but plus sides, this is it! 

Available now in the iTunes App Store! 

About michi.nuComprised of avid retro gamers, Swedish independent game studio aims to add engaging depth to the simple, unforgiving ideas of the past. Having several games with award-winning accessibility under their belt, their goal has always been to entertain and frustrate as many gamers as possible. To that end, they've just gone mobile. 

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