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Early impressions of pre-release versions - Da New Guys and McGuffin's Curse

Posted by Dave Seaman on Saturday, 11 February 2012

Just a quick preview for you of 2 games not yet released - both well worth looking out for when they're released:

Da New Guys - to be released by Wadjet Eye Games on 29th February 2012 (for PC)

This adventure game features cartoony graphics, great music, a simple interface with (mostly) relatively easy puzzles.  The writing is full of humour and the characters are memorable - thoroughly enjoying this one so far, have come to a bit I can't quite work out yet so I wouldn't say that it's too easy! Check out the trailer below, or download the demo. Adventure game fans are going to love this - if you like wrestling (I don't) then that's probably a bonus, but certainly not a requirement to enjoying the game.

Da New Guys Official Website

McGuffin's Curse - to be released by Brawsome on 19th April 2012 for PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad

This is an enjoyable puzzle game that, as you might expect from Brawsome due to their previous game catalogue, slightly blurs the line between the puzzle and adventure genres.  You play Lucas, a thief who ends up stealing an amulet that he cannot take off, which can turn him into a werewolf when he's in the moonlight.  The puzzles are based on single-screen locations, usually having to swap between human and werewolf forms to solve all the puzzles, but the overall storyline is much less linear when you get into it.  Looking good so far, I'm almost over my disappointment that this isn't a point and click adventure game!  (Not Brawsome's fault - it was my presumption.)

MacGuffin's Curse Official Website 


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