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8-Bit Funding is Back and Under New Management

Posted by Dave Seaman on Tuesday, 28 February 2012

PHILADELPHIA, PA, March 1, 2012- Crowd-Funding website, 8-Bit Funding returns backed by new management and popular indie game websites, DIY Gamer and Indie Game Mag. 8-Bit Funding was launched in early 2011 as a game focused alternative to other crowd-funding websites and was recently purchased by the people behind the Indie Game Magazine. 

In early February, the management team behind The Indie Game Magazine ( acquired the indie game, crowd-funding site, 8-Bit Funding ( Mike Gnade, owner of the Indie Game Magazine, commented saying, “8-Bit Funding is an excellent game focused funding platform that we believe never got the attention from game fans and developers that it deserved. We look forward to resurrecting the site and creating excitement about amazing new indie games.” Along with the new management comes the support of IGM ( and DIY Gamer ( These two sites will be used to promote the best game campaigns found on 8-Bit Funding. 

8-Bit Funding is primarily used for alpha or beta game funding strategies and is the perfect alternative to popular funding sites like Kickstarter since it is targeted and geared towards gamers. Unlike Kickstarter, 8-Bit is International and allows developers from all over the globe to start a campaign. 

8-Bit Funding has the added benefit of being geared towards gamers and is backed by great indie game sites like DIY and IGM, but 8-Bit Funding is also open to non-video indies. Creators of board games, card games and even pen and paper role-playing games are invited to begin a funding campaign. If your project is gaming related, then 8-Bit offers a funding solution for you. 

8-Bit Funding is a crowd-funding website focused on game projects. The site was started and founded by Geoff Gibson, founder of After experiencing and noticing the discrepancies against gaming related projects on other crowdfunding websites, the idea for 8-Bit Funding was born. The goal of 8-Bit is to help indie game developers throughout the world fund their projects. As an international website, 8-Bit Funding provides an instantaneous alternative to larger crowd-funding sites and is directly targeted at gamers. 8-Bit provides the funds to the developers in real-time and chart the growth of the funding donations toward the ultimate goal as set forth by the development team prior to launching the campaign. 

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