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Posted by Dave Seaman on Thursday, 9 February 2012

Since its launch in fall 2011, Little Indie has released six new games. To bring even more games to the portal, the client has been extended to support full DRM free titles. These don’t require a connected client or even the client running at all. To celebrate this new exciting feature and the latest releases, a new trailer has been produced and published.

New games have been added to the collection: Our original launch titles have been joined by the roguelike Pitman and the Windows port of the X-Box original Spring Up Harmony. High Tech Racing, a high-octane slot car simulator, and Baby Jones, an innovative puzzle game with its ubercute protagonist are now available exclusively on Little Indie. Other additions are the retro-styled Drag Rally 2 and Planet of the Eights.

With several exclusive titles which are tailor-made for the platform, Little Indie and Jade:DS prepare to become an important distribution technology for indepentent games with needs outside the standard.

Trailer on YouTube:
Pitman on Little Indie:
Spring Up Harmony on Little Indie:
High Tech Racing on Little Indie:
Baby Jones on Little Indie:
Drag Rally 2 on Little Indie:
Planet of the Eights on Little Indie:

Jade:DS is a versatile system for online distribution of software with the main focus on games. It features a platform client for Windows operating systems and a comprehensive server backend, available over the internet. Build as a Jade:DS service, Little Indie has been created to distribute independent games from a central portal site. It aims to provide a carefully picked selection of quality games which have a very good production value or an original idea. At the time of this press release, Jade:DS hosts a dozen games, with several more in preparation. Jade:DS and Little Indie are brands of Mediaguild UG (haftungsbeschränkt), a company founded in 2009 by industry veteran Andreas Podgurski. Beside the ongoing development of an own yet unannounced title, Jade:DS is the primary focus of the comany.


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