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From our friends at Phoenix Online Studios:

Starting February 1st, Phoenix Online Studios is running a two-week fundraiser using PayPal! Our very successful Kickstarter campaign for Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller, our first commercial game, with Jane Jensen as our story consultant and Romano Molenaar as Art Director, raised an incredible $34,427; the support was beyond our wildest dreams and we're incredibly grateful! 

During that time, we heard from a number of fans who were unable to use the Kickstarter system to donate, particularly fans located outside of the US. In response to that, we're running a two-week fundraiser using PayPal, and offering all the same rewards! Pre-orders, soundtracks, special editions of Cognition, beta-testing access and more are available to interested fans who want to support the game. Cognition's development has been moving along steadily--with our first playable just behind us, a complete Episode 1 script, and also coming on Feb. 1st, a beautiful brand new design for the entire Cognition website. 

More information on this mini-fundraiser is available at, and new screenshots and assets are available in our online pressroom: 


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