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I guess this is something indie developers might well end up using, so here's the press release:

San Francisco – February 27, 2012 – GameSpy Technology, a division of IGN Entertainment, Inc.,, has joined Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.'s (SCEI) tools and middleware license program, making its online game services available for PlayStation®Vita (PS Vita) developers. The first PS Vita game to take advantage of GameSpy Technology’s comprehensive online services is Mortal Kombat, the intense on-the-go fighting game from NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. GameSpy Technology’s PS Vita tools will be available to interested developers beginning April 2012.

“GameSpy Technology is committed to giving game developers the tools they need to bring their games to multiple platforms with providing players with same high quality online experience,” said Drew Curby, Senior Director, Sales & Marketing, GameSpy Technology.  “Mortal Kombat Vita is a perfect example of how we can work with a talented developer to bring their game from one platform to the next.”

GameSpy Technology can significantly extend the versatility of online game titles on the PS Vita by taking advantage of the interconnectivity provided by WiFi hotspots as well as the mobile broadband network in 3G-equipped PS Vita systems. With its robust selection of online services, GameSpy Technology helps developers connect gamers with their friends and opponents quickly and easily.

GameSpy Technology's services open a world of possibilities for PS Vita game title designers. Some of the most compelling elements of PC and console games -- such as leaderboards ranking a player's accomplishments, awards systems that reward skills and frequent play and team-based competition and tournaments -- are now as easy to implement on the PS Vita as they are on GameSpy Technology-powered PCs and consoles.

The services use the familiar GameSpy application programming interfaces (APIs) that are already available on the PC, PlayStation 3, iOS and Android devices. This consistency reduces the cost of developing for multiple platforms and significantly ease and speed development.   GameSpy Technology will also allow future PS Vita games to feature cross-platform multiplayer, datatracking and cloud services, taking portable (handheld?) gaming to a new level of online connectivity. 

GameSpy Technology’s cross-platform SDKs include open APIs for rich player data tracking that assist in gauging game performance and audience engagement, leaderboards, user-generated content storage tools to enable actively-engaged communities to collaborate and extend the gameplay experience, and multiplayer matchmaking services. These services have been tested and proven at multiple levels of scale, from popular cross-platform indie titles like Dungeon Defenders to Triple-A experiences like Crysis 2 and Red Dead Redemption, to mobile games like Glu’s Gun Bros.

Game publishers and developers interested in learning more about GameSpy Technology can check out the official booth at GDC 2012 this year in the North Hall booth #1624 from March 7-9.  For more information, please visit

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