Monday, 20 February 2012

Only Two Weeks Left to Back the First-Ever Tecmo Bowl-style MMO!

In just over two weeks' time, some dreams will be realized, and others, crushed. There's only 17 days left to get your name in Gridiron Heroes, the next best thing to hit social gaming since a ticked-off bird crashed headfirst into it. A pledge of just $10 gets your name in the credits, while just a little more allows you to name your own character—and a little more than that allows you to name a really good character.

The Kickstarter project—which is backed by Zynga co-founder Justin Waldron and has recently been featured on sites like Kotaku, Yahoo! Sports, and BleacherReport—is still just $6,000 shy of meeting its March 8th deadline. If fully funded, not only will Gridiron Heroes make you a more attractive, interesting person, but it will also introduce a live multiplayer component that allows you to do battle with other attractive, interesting people in real-time.

(DISCLAIMER: The effects of Gridiron Heroes on physical attractiveness has not yet been proven by any credible medical scientists. It's not impossible though, right?)

About Gridiron Heroes

Gridiron Heroes is a brand-new American football simulator for Facebook which takes the classic simplicity of Tecmo Bowl gameplay and makes it a social experience. Players take control of their team from its inception, naming it and assigning team colors and logos, before being placed in a league with all their Facebook buddies. There, it's up to the player to manage every aspect of their team's performance, from training players and developing strategy and tactics, to managing the stadium itself and even setting hot dog prices.

Fans are encouraged to contribute to Gridiron Heroes' Kickstarter page, which will help fund the development of Gridiron Heroes' multiplayer component. For more information about Gridiron Heroes and the people who made it, check out the company website at

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