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IndieGala Adds New Bonus Content

Posted by Dave Seaman on Tuesday, 14 February 2012

February 14 2012, IndieGala ( makes its second pay-what-you-want charity indie game bundle even bigger, adding Hacker Evolution game, the first chapter of the series as Valentine's day Bonus for everyone had purchased the bundleand for all future buyers. For customers who buy at least a Bigsaver bundle there is also a special selection of music from the German musician Ulrich Schnauss.

  • The Original Hacker Evolution is unlocked for every bundle type!
  • Everyone who purchased a Carebear or Bigsaver or Epic gala bundle will automatically unlock the game key in his profile page!
  • Everyone who purchased the Bigsaver bundle or the Epic gala bundle, get also the bonus of Ulrich Schnauss's music!
The "Gala Selection" is a selection of Ulrich Schnauss best Tracks featuring:
  • "A millions miles away" from 2003's album A Strangely Isolated Place. This track was also part of GT4 soundtrack.
  • "On my own" from the same album
  • "Stars" from his album Goodbye
  • "Wherever You Are" From the album "Faraway Trains Passing By"
Following the path traced by the first sale, IndieGala extends this great concept to encompass not only indie games, but also indie music. Independent music albums are included in the bundle and you get more of them if you pay above the average.

“We believe that between  music and games there is an unbreakable link. Both are two forms of art, which is why we offer a package that due importance to both" says indiegala organizators.

Included in the IndieGala 2 bundle are the following awesome indie games and Music:

The base bundle starts from $1.00 dollar and is called

Critical Mass by Manic Games Studios
Bunch of Heroes by NGD Studios
Fortix 2 by Nemesys games
Hacker Evolution by exosyphen studios.
Music: Jack Butler - Fit The Paradigm
Music: The Numbers - Beautiful EP
Music: Giraffage- Comfort
Beating the level 1 average ( starting at 5.65$ ) you will get also
the BIG SAVER BUNDLE ( all the content of CAREBEAR plus: )    

Greed Corp, by Vanguard Games.   
Roboblitz by Naked Sky Entertainment
Music: Robot Science - Square
Music: Casey Lalonde - The 2010 album of the film and videogame composer Casey Lalonde
Music: Casey Lalonde - The 2011 EP of Casey Lalonde.
Music: Ulrich Schnauss - The Gala Selection.
Beating the level 2 average ( starting at 9.89$ ) you will get also
the EPIC GALA BUNDLE ( all the content of BIGSAVER plus: )    
inMomentum, by Digital Arrow.
Zombie Shooter 2, by Sigma Team.
Hacker Evolution: Duality, by exosyphen studios.
Hacker Evolution: Untold, by exosyphen studios.
Your Doodles Are Bugged!, by Spyn Doctor Games.
Zombie Shooter 1, by Sigma Team.
Music: Robot Science - Doodads: Robot Science 2010 complete album.

All tracks are available in mp3 and FLAC file formats.
Learn more at
About IndieGala:

IndieGala organizes bundle sales of amazing indie games and indie music, and is open to every independent artist and developer on every platform.


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