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Santa Clara, CA – Makers Interactive is proud to announce the release and immediate worldwide availability of Tap Tap Bar, the new quick thinking action puzzle game for iOS devices that challenges players to serve drinks quickly and accurately before time runs out.

Starting today users have the ability to play the role of a bartender at a bar in five different parts of the world, serve drinks to demanding customers and build their fortune. During the game players have to tap the correct drink combination in the inventory to deliver the order to the customer. The challenge is that they have only ninety seconds to find and select drinks, quickly serve as many customers as possible, keep them happy and collect tips and bonuses. The longer it takes to fulfill orders correctly, the less satisfied the customer will be and less gold can be earned.

The game features five stylishly designed levels: Jamaica, Kyoto, London, Antarctica and New York with polished graphics, beautifully hand-drawn characters and fun animations that can be unlocked during the game. Each level comes with its distinct music soundtrack and unique amusing characters to keep users engaged during the gameplay.

"Our team has been working hard to deliver this simple, beautiful and fun game. We have put a lot of effort into every small detail of the game, from stunning visual art styles to carefully crafted music tracks. We are sure that our users will appreciate and love the game." - said, Tom Hsu, founder of Makers Interactive.

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Makers Interactive is a software company focusing on mobile applications development. Being the group of highly experienced developers of games and financial industries, Makers Interactive’s aim is to develop applications that stem from their passion for excellence and creativity. The company strives to deliver the best experience by creating applications that entertain their users.


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