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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Gravital Rescue released by Illusionware Games

Illusionware Games, an indie development team from Columbia, have just released "Gravital Rescue", a retro flash game.  Simple controls don't always mean the game's easy!!  The physics are pretty brutal, but you get used to it.
Brief Game Description: 
In this game you take control of a rocket that has to rescue escape pods and arrive to it's destination. The game simulates planets with atraction according to their size, and also features black holes and asteroids. 20 fun packed and challenging levels.

You can play it at:

Left and Right arrows to direct the rocket.
Up arrow to thrust the rocket.
R to restart the level.
Space bar to pause the game

(I love the fact that the trailer gives you the advice "Try not to die too much"!!)
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