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Major Update of Elite Command

Posted by Dave Seaman on Friday, 25 March 2011

Lots of fixes and new features in this update of online strategy game Elite Command.  These look set to make an already enjoyable game even better (yes, I am still playing it!).  The text below is from the official update email:

* Big performance tweak! Before this release, sending commands to the server would get slower the longer a game went on. We threw in an optimization which improves on this considerably. You should notice that the games you're in feel far less laggy.

* Private games! You can now start a game without it being published anywhere to the public. Only people you invite specifically will know about the game. You can invite people either using the built-in invite tool, or by simply copying and pasting the game link to your friends.

* Forced surrender! Finally, a proper way to deal with those rogue players who join games and then abandon their posts. After a player has been skipped twice consecutively, you now get the option to force them to surrender so that the rest of the players can decide how to proceed. Skip counting starts with this deploy, so you'll have to wait a few rounds to use it in games you're currently playing.

* Healing and repair! Breathe new life into your damaged units by moving them to a friendly base that is capable of building that type of unit and then clicking the Heal or Repair button. Healing a unit restores 1/2 of its missing health, rounded up, and the unit will be unable to attack or move until the next turn.

* Global chat! To make it easier to see who's online and set up new games, we've added a global chat channel that is visible on the Join a Game and Forum pages.

* Help section! After much popular demand, we've added a comprehensive Help section to the site which explains the game mechanics and provides tables of unit stats. You can access the Help section by clicking the "?" in any game.

* Improved Zone of Control! We've created a more fine-grained way of defining Zone of Control between units so that we could make some important changes. The biggest change is that Fighters and Bombers no longer assert Zone of Control over anything. Details on Zone of Control can be seen for each unit either in the new Help section or within the unit stats dialogs accessible from the buy unit dialog in-game.

* New Heavy Artillery unit! Finally, we've released the new Heavy Artillery unit. This behemoth packs a wallop. Make that two wallops. It has the same maximum range as the Sniper and an attack power slightly higher than the regular Artillery. And yes, it can strike twice in a turn. It also comes with a big-ticket price tag, so use it judiciously and defend it with care, and it will surely become an important asset to your arsenal.

Those are the big things. There is also a slew of minor tweaks and bug fixes, as with any release, and some balance adjustments. The highlights:

* Password recovery
* Ability to update your email address
* Ability to unsubscribe from general announcements (such as this one)
* Unit health is now displayed as a number, both for legibility and to make the combat explanation in the Help section easier to understand
* The Bomber is more effective against Armored units than before
* The Ranger has a greater armor bonus in woods
* The Sniper's attack power against Personnel units has been decreased very slightly
* All Personnel units have been given modifiers for standing on Bases

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