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Errro 2: Outer Space released for PC, Mac and Linux

Posted by Dave Seaman on Thursday, 21 April 2011

Errro 2: Outer Space is a new puzzle game by PsyGuyGames that requires you to gather all of the stars on each level while avoiding various traps and enemies.  The game allows you to rotate the entire level in either direction to cross chasms and get each star.  Each level also contains a series of challenges for you to complete, such as completing the level without using a screen rotation.  In all, Errro 2 contains 100 puzzle levels, and 30 additional sidescrolling levels where you must stay ahead of the automatic scrolling at all costs."

Errro 2:  Outer Space is available for PC, Mac and Linux as a freeware release.

Official Website

Windows Download
Source Download (Linux/Mac)

(The Windows version runs out of the box, but the source download requires python (2.6 is best), pygame, and pyopengl to run.)

Errro 2: Outer Space Gameplay Trailer:


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