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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Age of Fear: The Undead King released

Age of Fear: The Undead King is a fantasy turn-based strategy primarily focused on single player mode. The game features a novel battle system and two campaigns with solid fantasy stories.

The story takes place in an untamed fantasy land, where three forces: the Human Kingdom, the Greenskins' Horde and the Undead Legion - are fighting for domination and survival.

You will encounter quick skirmishes, where wise unit's cooperation is essential. You will visit distant lands either as a honorable knight or an evil necromancer. You will conquer cities and destroy ancient evil!

Age of Fear: The Undead King is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux systems!

Age of Fear Official Website

There is also promotion during the first two weeks:
* 50% off price in first week (until 17th April)
* 25% off price in second week (until 24th April)

Age of Fear: The Undead King Trailer:

Gameplay Video:

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