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Mechanic Infantry Trailer and information

Posted by Dave Seaman on Tuesday, 19 April 2011

French indie studio Slak Games have just released the demo of their first game, Mechanic Infantry.  It's a fast paced 2D platformer set in a futuristic world; the game features a single player campaign with over 50 levels in 5 different universes, with other features including a "nervous high score game mode" (I'm fascinated to see what that actually means! :-D). The player's goal is to rescue 5 characters in each level while being hunted by a giant mechanical monster.

Mechanic Infantry will be released only for Windows (at least for now) and is playable with a keyboard or a gamepad.  The target launch date is late April / early May - will post more definite news when I get it.

Trailer, screenshots and concept artwork below.  You can get the demo here.


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