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Unique Game for Teen and Tween Girls, School 26, Launches for iOS and Android
Debut title from female-focused developer Silicon Sisters explores empathy and social mastery

VANCOUVER – April 21, 2011 – Silicon Sisters Interactive, an independent video game studio that creates high-quality games for women, is announcing the launch of their debut title School 26. Designed for girls ages 12–16, School 26 is a unique casual game with a focus on the types of social activities and interactions that teen and tween girls take seriously and excel at. The game is available today for iPad, iPhone / iPod Touch, and Android.

In School 26, players join Kate on a quest to make friends at her new school. To do so, she must navigate the often-treacherous social hierarchy of high school by getting to know her classmates, helping to diffuse their conflicts, and strengthening her personal connections. Gameplay directly supports these goals with activities such as selecting appropriate emotional responses during conversations, matching cards in a mini-game with rules that reflect the students' current mindsets and situations, and taking quizzes that give valuable insight into friends' personalities. School 26's social elements carry over into the real world by enabling players to post their own personality quiz results to Facebook from within the game.

Silicon Sisters created School 26 not only to provide a fun gaming experience, but also to validate skills that girls may not realize give them a competitive advantage. "Most games provide challenges that help you develop mastery in the skill of playing that particular game. In School 26, players develop social mastery," says Silicon Sisters' COO Kirsten Forbes. "For example, the player uses empathy to 'level up' the other characters in the game, not herself. It's a twist on conventional game design that fits with the way girls structure their social hierarchies."

School 26 is available in Apple's App Store for $2.99 for iPhone / iPod Touch and $4.99 for iPad (HD version):

iPhone / iPod Touch:
iPad: d431284898?mt=8

The $2.99 Android version can be purchased from the Android Market:

To learn more about School 26 and view the game's trailer, visit the official website at Fans are also invited to join the game's growing Facebook community at 2689775093989.

About Silicon Sisters Interactive
Silicon Sisters Interactive is the first female owned and run video game studio in Canada. Founded and staffed by industry veterans with decades of hands-on experience, the company is committed to developing high quality, inspirational games with a decidedly female focus—games made by women and girls, for women and girls. Silicon Sisters' development relies heavily on the analysis of data and studies that disseminate gender differences in video gaming, with the development team building innovative gameplay mechanics around themes and activities that research identifies as relevant to women. School 26, a social mastery game for tween and teen girls, is available now for iOS and Android, and coming soon to PC and Mac. A second project is also under development. For more information, please visit the corporate website at or Silicon Sisters' Facebook page at




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