Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Public Transport Simulator (Tram Simulator) released

Arcade, simulation and RPG in one game!


You start as an ordinary driver with the fact that you´ll be recognizing new lines, fulfill the demans for opening those other lines and earn money for new trams. The goal of the game to reach a position of the most respected driver at the seaside resort part of the Eco City town. It means you must have a licence from the transport undertaking to ride all the lines and also drive the most modern and expensive trams. The game has sweet graphics, addictive gameplay, real sounds and much more...


* 11 tram lines to explore
* 7 trams to ascend
* 4 social groups of people
* more than 100 interesting sceneries
* 43 types of roads, plates, sidewalks etc.
* 37 stations

Official Website
Cost: $9.95
Playable demo available


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