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Planet Plush trailer - an indie game about... scuplting?!

Posted by Dave Seaman on Sunday, 31 October 2010

Download Preview: New indie game puzzle and action-concept at igf mobile. Free the settlers, sculpt planets. No digging like in minecraft or dwarf fortress. PlanetPlush is a modelling game or in other words: Sculpting as a game. New preview version (0.9) online.

You have to take care of creatures that had to settle on a planetary system way out there in the vast universe. Every night someone captures individual creatures, stuffs them into yellow balls and plays with them. Now, you need to interfere and reshape the planet. Your main objective is to alter and deform the planet in real time in order to guide the yellow balls to their intended destinations. You need to bump them into the yellow cristals and make those disappear. But make sure that you don't hit any black pearls. If you do, you loose a settler. The game refers to the importance of 3d-modeling tools in creating objects and characters for games. It puts the power of the designer to alter a game object into the hands of the player. Look at IGF-Entry (


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