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Cannonball Clash released for PC

Posted by Dave Seaman on Thursday, 28 October 2010

Brisbane - Australia, Digital Mob announces its upcoming indie game for the PC
Cannonball Clash! From the around the roughest seas right to your PC, join Scurvy Steve and his scallywag mate as they battle it out like you have never experienced before. Players will be thrown into the fray as they dodge, trip and slap their way out of the trickiest of situations. From all directions cannonballs will be blasted your way, out do your opponent by avoiding them in the most deceptive way possible. Remember its every man for themselves! Be the last man alive and prove that you are the toughest of them all!

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About Digital Mob
Digital Mob is a small independent games development team, originally founded at Queensland University of Technology at the start of 2010, they're main aim is to produce the best independent titles around.

(CaptainD says... From the video this looks completely mad - I like that!)


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