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It's long been a bone of contention with me that Wii titles are region-specific.  There are mods to fix this problem of course, but none of them are actually legal and all invalidate your warranty (according to Nintendo's response to my query, made after noting that some solutions did claim to be legal).  

I have no problem with anti-piracy measures of course, but I can't really see the rationale for what Nintendo are doing - particularly when it comes to WiiWare.  Surely part of the point of being able to buy games online is that it's a global ability?  Yet on more than one occasion I've been offered indie games for the Wii to review (mostly, though not all, WiiWare titles) and been unable to oblige because they have only been released for the American or Japanese market.

Seriously, I may be missing something but I can't see what anyone - even Nintendo themselves - have to gain from this methodology.  Any thoughts?


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