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Drop Dead for iPhone

Posted by Dave Seaman on Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The zombie appocalypse is upon us.  We all knew it was coming, most of us got out...except that one guy who lived in the apartment above me...he almost never left his place, I wonder what happened to him...

In Drop Dead it's up to you to help our confused hero escape the zombie apocalypse.  Match blocks to gain time and ultimately escape from your hungry pursuers.  Playing through Story Mode will unlock levels in Endless Hoards mode and Impending Doom mode for hours of replayability!

Game play Modes:

Story Mode: Story Mode allows you to play through levels and escape from the hungry zombies that want nothing more than to feast upon your brain.  Make breaks to gain more time, and once you’ve put enough distance between yourself and your pursuer, you will advance to the next level!

Endless Hoards: Endless Hoards pits you against zombies who just won’t give up!  Play for as long as you can keep yourself alive, set a high score, then come back again to try to reach even higher!  Each level has it’s own difficulty, the last level can get pretty hectic, so give it a shot!

Impending Doom:  Impending Doom gives you a short amount of time to rack up as many points as possible, but once that timer runs out, you’re zombie chow!  Set records and try to prove that you’re the best Zombie Apocalypse Survivor around!

Check out Goofball Game's Website and Twitter Page.

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