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Bayo Bongo Lite Released on iPhone and iPad

Posted by Dave Seaman on Thursday, 21 October 2010

Bayo Bongo Lite Released on iPhone and iPad 

The free version of the innovative Bayo Bongo puzzle game is now available for download from the iTunes Store. 

Bayo Bongo on iTunes
Bayo Bongo Lite on iTunes

Warsaw, Poland – October 21, 2010Codeminion, a leading developer and publisher of casual games announced today that a free version of their popular logic game Bayo Bongo is immediately available for download in the AppStore. Bayo Bongo is an addictive, fast paced puzzle game, with superb visuals and lot’s of strategic challenge. Prepare to journey deep into the oceanic depths and search for five sunken treasures. 

The full version of Bayo Bongo has been released on September 22, 2010 and has already gathered a lot of attention. The game was featured as New and Noteworthy in 84 local AppStores, and received positive reviews from both customers and journalists. “Bayo Bongo isn’t the deepest puzzler you’ll play this year, but its commitment to providing the maximum pleasure for the minimum effort – while still retaining a modicum of strategic play – makes it pleasantly unique.” - the game received a bronze award from PocketGamer and was praised for its simple but extremely addictive mechanics. 

Bayo Bongo employs a simple but unique matching mechanic, where players can match any number of same shape and same color dominoes. The goal of the game is to match tokens in such a way that it will bring golden coins to the bottom of the board. The game features many power ups and obstacles, as well as diving themed catch-the-coins bonus rounds. 

Bayo Bongo features:
- Gripping, fast paced strategic gameplay
- 15 increasingly challenging levels over 5 stages
- Boost your score in the diving bonus rounds
- Universal app native support for iPhone and iPad
- Online leaderboards – post your score for everyone to see
- Share your victories with friends on Facebook
- Suitable for all ages 

Bayo Bongo Website 

Bayo Bongo on iTunes
Bayo Bongo Lite on iTunes

The Lite version of the game features a smaller selection of levels, but it has all the features of the full version of the game, including the ability to send your score to the global ranking and post your results to your Facebook account.

About Codeminion

Founded in 2004, Codeminion S.C. has successfully developed and published many hit games such as Ancient Quest of Saqqarah™, Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal™ and Magic Match™. Preferring quality over quantity, Codeminion focuses on creating clever, innovative and highly polished titles for demanding gamers. To learn more about Codeminion visit

Codeminion, GameClubCafe are registered trademarks and Bayo Bongo, Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal, StoneLoops! of Jurassica, Ancient Quest of Saqqarah are trademarks of Codeminion S.C.

Bayo Bongo on iTunes
Bayo Bongo Lite on iTunes


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