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Loading... releases "To Hell with Johnny"

Posted by Dave Seaman on Sunday, 31 October 2010

You too can go to Hell!
(CaptainD says... Not a statement that would usually be seen as the best sales pitch!)

The celebration did not go quite as planned. First it was the storm, then the car broke down, then his date was kidnapped by demons. Now Johnny finds himself hurtling towards the depths of Hell in pursuit, the world crumbling above him and creatures of the night homing in from all sides.  
Independent game developer releases To Hell with Johnny, an action-packed and devilishly addictive 2D platformer inspired by the horror movies of old. Face everything from teenage vampires to hideous rolling traps as you strive to keep Johnny (or his girlfriend Brianne) safe through seven increasingly brutal stages of falling through the Earth. 

With four difficulty levels, lots of bonus stages, challenges, awards and tons of hidden secrets, you're set for a long, long fall... 

To Hell with Johnny is not only frantic, fun and full of fire, but also accessible beyond the usual. The game offers a multitude of features that target special requirements such as reduced mobility, low vision and color blindness. No matter who you are To Hell with Johnny has a way to match your skill.

Available now for Windows!
Coming soon to Mac and more.

Official Game Website

Comprised of avid retro gamers, Swedish independent game studio aims to add engaging depth to the simple ideas of the past. By combining the vicious, unforgiving nature of first generation gaming with state-of-the-art accessibility features, the goal is to entertain, surprise and frustrate as many gamers as possible - no matter their capabilities.



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