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Dark Acre's second game, ‘Ball of Steel’, is now available on to Unity-enabled web browsers. It was created as a contender for the Unity Game Contest. (

VANCOUVER, February 15, 2011 - Dark Acre Game Development announced today that a new game, ‘Ball of Steel’, is now available free-to-play via to Unity-enabled web browsers. (

Ball of Steel is a marble tilt-maze with a twist: in addition to navigating twisting passages, players must guide their ball through high-tech teleporters and avoid burning pillars of scorching flame to clear each table. Players may choose their challenge levels and warp or skip to any of the 20 boards.

Ball of Steel was built in Unity 3D during two weeks of intensive full-time development. It was developed as an entrant to the Unity Game Contest currently underway at, and represents the second in a series of free-to-play efforts from Dark Acre. 

About Dark Acre Game Development

Dark Acre is an independent game development studio based in the West End of Vancouver, Canada. Founded by Christopher ‘Jack’ Nilssen in October of 2010, Dark Acre is currently committed to producing a new game experience every two months in order to generate market awareness and gain a deeper appreciation for all aspects of the game development process, both commercial and artistic.


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