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Free content update for Heavy Hogur

Posted by Dave Seaman on Friday, 25 February 2011

Independant game developer Spelagon has released the first content update for its puzzle game Heavy Hogur

Here is a list of major featues in this update:

- Possible to undo moves
- Automatic performance suggestions
- New "rotator" floor type
- More rooms added
- Bug fixes

The update is free of charge for all customers. It can be installed by downloading the new installer or by in game patching which will become available during the next few days.

Since the launch in December more than 450 000 levels have been played by gamers from all over the world. In order to further increase longevity the next update will feature an editor where players will be able to upload their own levels and share with the community. There are also plans to introduce even more floor types and other game mechanics.

About Spelagon:
Spelagon is an independent game development company located in Tyreso, Sweden. The focus is on creating video games that appeal to casual and experienced gamers alike. Heavy Hogur is the second title.

For more information, screenshots or video visit

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