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Starpoint Gemini update

Posted by Dave Seaman on Monday, 14 February 2011

LGM Games would like to announce that the official update for their acclaimed debut title Starpoint Gemini is available.
After release Starpoint Gemini was not abandoned, but we’ve continued working on it and improving it all the while listening to player’s requests and ideas. The results were many improvements and previously unplanned features that we added to the game, some of which are:
*free rotation camera
*active pause
*keyboard turning
*interface enhancements
If you wish to see what reviewers think of Starpoint Gemini here are a couple of links for reviews:
James Allen from OutOfEight has awarded Starpoint Gemini  a 7/8 grade. The entire review is here:
While ComputerGamesOnline awarded SPG an equally amazing 80/100 grade. You can find the entire article here:
Download link for the latest v1007 patch:
More info on SPG can be found here:

About Little Green Men
LGM (Little Green Man) Games is a young but experienced team of game developers. Our team is a branch of Intercorona d.o.o. company stationed in Zagreb, Croatia. Members of LGM team are highly motivated gamers with avid knowledge, experience and skills in all areas related to game development: programming, 2D/3D art, writing, SFX… Our vision and desire to create quality video game experience was brought about in 2008. When the LGM team was first rounded up. All original members of the team are still working on company projects. Our main idea is to create games with immersive environment and challenging playability.


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