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www.IndieGameNews.Com reaches its first anniversary!

Posted by Dave Seaman on Saturday, 19 February 2011

Well, one year ago yesterday I made the very first post on this blog. Since then we've had (according to Google Analytics):

  • 20,996 Visits
  • 17,039 Absolute Unique Visitors
  • 34,430 Pageviews

(Blogger's own stats are different - still not sure why. Maybe they count pings and bots too?)

Anyway, it's not quite worked out as I'd planned / imagined; I envisaged more posts by my collaborators and more "behind the scenes" type posts, but everyone's too busy actually making their games to post much here (which is of course good, in a way!).  It's ended up being much more a news-oriented site, which I suppose isn't really too much of a problem considering we're actually called Indie Game News!

We had a grand total of 864 posts altogether in the first year.

Breakdown of posts according to system / format:

pc (249) iphone (238) ipad (190) ipod touch (154) mac (93) xbox (25) linux (22) android (15) amiga (10) flash (8) PS3 (7) Windows 7 phone (3) dsi (3) facebook (3) samsung bada (3) wii (3) html5 (2) netbook (2) psp (2) osx (1)

(I have a good source of iOs game news which is why iPhone, iPad and iPod are so well represented!  I'd like more news about the less well represented formats, especially Xbox, Wii and PS3, so if you've got an indie game for one of those systems that you'd like a mention of here, please .)

Breakdown of posts by game genre:

Breakdown of posts by article type:

We currently have about 100 visits per day and approximately 160 page views per day on average.  It's been steadily increasing and I hope will continue to do so - not that I think we'll ever really challenge the big indie game blogs for visitors, but it would be nice to think that at some stage indie developers feel like it's a big deal to get a mention here.  Thanks to everyone who's visited the site, contributed a blog post, sent news, done  an interview or review, linked to us, or helped in any other way during the first year.  Special thanks go to Chris Park of Arcen Games and Simone Bevilacqua (creator of indie game BOH) for their help from back when this blog was nothing but a vague idea I wanted to develop.

So... here's to's second year in existence!


Mr. Slate said...

Happy Birthday!!! Your doing a great job Captain. Keep it up :D

CaptainD said...

Thanks - I hope the fact I haven't seen you around recently means that you're hard at work on your RPG?!? :-D

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