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Ultrablast HD, on your Mac, in true HD!

Posted by Dave Seaman on Sunday, 20 February 2011

Oslo, Norway - February 19, 2011 - Independent games developer RetroFlux brings their story-based shoot'em up Ultrablast to Mac App Store in true HD resolution: 1080p.
Follow the story of four characters as they investigate the mysterious phenomenon affecting their home planet. Perhaps you will be able to solve the mystery. By shooting things. And lots of them.

HD version brings you:
* Expanded levels with larger gameplay area
* Gamepad and keyboard controls
* 1080p HD display support: Please use a big screen TV for a better, happier experience

Game features:
* Explore 5 highly varied levels
* Upgradable weapons with unique abilities
* Crazy boss fights
* Build an awesome battle strategy by studying the DataFlux

Ultrablast HD is available on Mac App Store:

We also have a soundtrack:

Game website:

About RetroFlux:
RetroFlux is an independent games company located in Oslo, Norway. Founded in 2010, RetroFlux focuses on creating story-driven arcade and roleplaying games with the experience from the games industry.

RetroFlux website:


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