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PyroGine Game Developer Studio

Posted by Dave Seaman on Friday, 11 February 2011

PyroGine™ Development is happy to announce the release of PyroGine v1.0-a4.

PyroGine™ Game Developer Studio is a modern, modular, object oriented programming language based on Object Pascal, a light-weight IDE and an advanced 2D game engine for Windows® PC.

Visit their site for more information about PyroGine, media, downloads and support.

Version v1.0-a4:

  • Added popup menu option for project manager.
  • Updated registration form to include username.
  • Fixed errors in readme.txt and the eula.txt files.
  • [IDE] Tabs where not being closed after a file was closed.
  • New Help file format.
  • Added new examples: ArchiveStreamingMusic, ChainAction, DisplayDevice, Input, LocalDatabase, RemoteDatabase, RenderDevice, Scroll, Texture, ThreadedRemoteDb.
  • Added new API routines: App_Edition, App_FadeColor, App_Version, SQLQueryBuilder_Add, SQLQueryBuilder_Clear, SQLQueryBuilder_Create, SQLQueryBuilder_Statement, StringList_Test.
  • Fixed misc memory leaks in the compiler.
  • [IDE] Caption not updated when project group is cleared
  • [IDE] SHChangeNotify event always occur
  • [IDE] Param hint window does not remain open
  • [Compiler] Sprite_RenderImageSized not displaying image properly
  • [IDE] Access Vialation when closing Project Group


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