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Dutch game developer saves over twenty-five million animals.

Posted by Dave Seaman on Thursday, 10 February 2011

(Please note animal lovers - this is a very tongue-in-cheeck press release by the Dutch indie developers!)

Amersfoort, The Netherlands, February 10th - It is not often that you find a game developer with such a strong commitment to preserving mother nature's creations. The company has historically put its weight behind search and rescue operations to save rare eggs from extinction, but has recently shifted towards helping out newly discovered species of animals*.

"Over the last decade, we noticed eggs have developed greatly improved survival-rates" said Creature Director Collin van Ginkel, "We'd like to think our actions have had a positive influence on this development and we are now focusing our efforts on saving some truly unique animals."

The animals in question have recently been discovered, en-caged in small frozen prisons, which puts them in danger of being eaten by their natural enemies. Two Tribes has made it a top priority to set these animals free. For the uninitiated, Two Tribes has released several short documentaries on the life of these animals:

"We are extremely pleased to have reached the twenty-five million mark this quickly", says Martijn Reuvers, Preservation Manager at Two Tribes, "it has exceeded our wildest expectations. To celebrate, we have placed a real-time animal counter on our website and will give away free games at the thirty-million mark."

To enter the contest, visit:


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