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Indie Proofing Service

Posted by Dave Seaman on Monday, 21 February 2011

Indieproofing have given their website a major update. The services on offer have been streamlined and a couple of new items added. 


A brief summary of their services (in their own words):

(1) Proofreading services have been streamlined and clarified. Instead of listing separate services for websites, game text and other documentation, all text is now considered under the same pricing plan. There are now two levels of proofreading on offer - a basic "filler" text service at $1 per 100 words, ideal for simple text such as button labels or basic description, and a more advanced "descriptive" package at $2 per 100 that also rewrites text where required.

(2) Press releases have also been streamlined. The clearly most popular service has been the creative press release, so from now on this is the only release we will write. We are happy to do a "straight" release or something unusual and eye-catching as requested. You are also welcome to write your own release and submit it for proofreading under the standard packages, of course, which may work out more cost effective.

(3) We are now offering a name checking service. Choosing the right name for your product is always a difficult task, and when selecting a name in a non-native language there is always a risk that you'll pick something that doesn't mean quite what you think it does. Provide us with a list of ideas and we'll consider and comment on them all, select the best ones and offer alternative suggestions where appropriate.

(4) Finally, we're now offering a creative writing service, designed to offer short plot and character description or general background to your game or product. You provide the basic details, what sort of style you're looking for and how many words, and we'll write something up.


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