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Senscape Opens Its Doors!

Posted by Dave Seaman on Friday, 9 April 2010

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA - April 9, 2010. We are very proud to announce the official launch of Senscape Interactive, a new game development company based in Argentina. The background of the company is deeply rooted in the adventure game genre, in which all of its members have demonstrated outstanding knowledge and expertise. This is the culmination of months of hard work and we are thus inviting you to visit our brand new website, learn about the upcoming projects and be part of our exciting community at:

Senscape Interactive is the creation of Agustín Cordes, better known as the designer and director of the cult classic and award-winning Scratches horror adventure. He has been involved with the adventure game community for over a decade both as a journalist and as a game developer. A new horror adventure is brewing at Senscape Interactive under an enigmatic shroud of secrecy. Currently dubbed “Unnamable Project,” until its final name is unveiled, the title aims to become one of the most heart-stopping and menacing games ever produced. “We have been hard at work on this game for a long time,” said Agustín. “We are confident that it will impress in all its aspects but primarily as a genuinely scary experience. This is exactly what fans of Scratches have been waiting for.”

Most of the team members at Senscape Interactive also took part in one of the largest game projects ever conceived in Argentina, the acclaimed Risk Profile: Federal Cases educational adventure. An official project of the government of Buenos Aires, the title was a smashing success among children and adults thanks to its creative challenges and a script that provided hours of rip-roaring fun.



About Senscape Interactive
Senscape Interactive was founded in 2010 by Agustín Cordes. Based in Argentina, it aims to become a key company of independently developed videogames and in particular the adventure genre. To achieve this, Agustín has assembled an outstanding team of professionals hailing from many different industries and committed to bring only the best quality to its works. Senscape Interactive aims to merge technical prowess with compelling stories that provide rewarding and unforgettable experiences. For more information, visit:

About Scratches
Scratches is an adventure game developed by Nucleosys Digital Studio and released in 2006, selling over 250.000 copies since then. It was hailed as one of the scariest games ever and one of the most successful independently developed adventures as well. Acknowledged as the Game Of The Year in several publications and with an intricate storyline that remains discussed to this day, Scratches has earned a well-deserved cult status from a legion of fans.

About Risk Profile
Commissioned by the government of Buenos Aires, Risk Profile was created as a means to educate young children and teenagers about subjects such as taxes, morality and social issues. With an estimated distribution of over 500.000 units and countless downloads, it became one of the most widely distributed games in the country. Risk Profile largely succeeded in its educational aspects but the adventure was also hailed as a highly fun and entertaining experience. For more information, visit: (Spanish Only)


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