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Popnus2 released; Completely redesigned, with new game modes, more songs, multiplayer system and even a free version, Popnus2 for iPhone is an addictive adrenaline rush and a challenger of minds, no other match-3 game offers such freedom of action and planning in a simple and easy to play game. 

Happy Nutz Studio -- April 8, 2010 --There are hundreds of similar match-3 games with the same formula and the same results, Popnus2 has a twist that makes it a fresh experience that feels great on the iPhone 

Popnus2 designed for iPhone - iPod Touch - iPad has a new and simple twist on the gameplay, true freedom of movement and planning. Challenge your mind and skills in six different game modes or compete against friends in the multiplayer mode. It´s quick gameplay makes it the ideal choice to play anywhere, even if you have very little time

There is a completely free Popnus2 version that can be downloaded from the AppStore and experience the game for yourself


-Unique and dynamic gameplay with total freedom
-Completely redesigned
-Downloadable from cellular and wi-fi network

-6 Game modes:
Raining Nus
Pop All
Bomb Survival
Dynamic Pop All
Score Vs Time

-Multiplayer via bluetooth:
Bomb Survival
Raining Nus

-Continue your last game with automatic saves
-9 original soundtracks
-Play your iPod music at any point in the game
-In each game mode reach a high level to win a star
-Controls now are more responsive and intuitive
-Popnus 2 Exclusive for iPhone - iPod Touch - iPad

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