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New Indie Game Competition for PC Strategy Game Fans!

Posted by Dave Seaman on Friday, 9 April 2010

Arcen Games have kindly sponsored this competition, with five copies of their award-winning strategy game AI War along with the expansion pack The Zenith Remnant up for grabs.  If you're a strategy game fan, these are definitely going to keep you happy for a long time.  All you'll need to do is visit the relevant page below, download the game and expansion pack, and put in the registration code I send you.

The Competition

Since the prize is a strategy game, to enter email me the most bizarre strategy game scenario you can think of (but it would still have to be possible to make into a playable game).  The senders of the five ideas I like the most will be judged as winners.  (My decision is final and I will enter into no correspondance about why I didn't select your entry, should you not be a winner.)

The winning suggestions will be posted here on, and you never know - someone might even turn them into indie games one day!

Please your suggestions with the subject line "AI War Competition".  This competition will run until 30th April 2010.  (This may be extended if fewer than five worthy winners are found.)

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Arcen Software's Official Website
AI War: Fleet Command
The Zenith Remnant Expansion Pack
CaptainD's Review of AI War: Fleet Command

About AI War:

- Space-based RTS, single player or up to 8 player co-op.
- Powerful emergent AI that retreats, probes defenses, and surprises even veterans with intelligent tactics.
- 30,000+ ships at a time on 10-120 simultaneous planetary battlefields.
- Different Every Time: 16 billion procedural maps, each with specific units. - A focus on deep strategy with nearly no micromanagement.

About The Zenith Remnant:

* 122 new ships, including:
   * 14 new ship classes with a variety of abilities.
   * 7 massive capturable "Golem" ships.
   * Dozens of other new capturables, including “experimental” ships.
* 12 new AI Types.
* 4 Zenith alien minor factions (NPCs).
* Over 40 minutes of new in-game music tracks.
* Several new map styles.
* Several new AI behaviors and many related special AI weapons.



CaptainD said...

I've had some great entries to this already with some really spaced-out ideas - but there's certainly room for more entries so don't stop now!

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