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ProRattaFactor announce the release of Ace Omicron for iPhone

Posted by Dave Seaman on Saturday, 3 April 2010

HAWTHORNE, New Jersey -- April 2, 2009 -- ProRattaFactor is proud to announce the release of Ace Omicron, the definitive survival space shooter for iPadiPhone and iPod touch

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Watch the video:

Dangers are around every corner in Ace Omicron, the
ultimate survival space shooter. Control Eden Jackson as she
fights for existence in the hostile environment of the deep black.

She was marooned from her fleet after her hyper-drive engine malfunctioned. Now she has to travel "alone" through the long, deep breath of darkness to reach home. Her journey starts from the Omicron (the 13th star of her galaxy’s constellation). But be wary fellow traveler…the deepness of space is no friend to life.

- Rocks of various shapes and forms are scattered throughout the
journey. Use your blaster to keep them at bay!
- Robots and UFOs also thwart your venture at every path. Destroy them
before they destroy your ship!
- Harness fusion gems and convert them into ship upgrades!

- Awesome 3D graphics and effects
- Play the game horizontally or vertically
- A selection of modes are available for different play styles:
1) Hyper (Automatically build your arsenal over time)
2) Twilight (Weapons are maxed out… now just try to survive the insane
3) Classic (Start with nothing and selectively upgrade your ship. For
old-school players)

(OpenFeint integration is coming soon. We would have had it integrated at launch, but the iPad version of OpenFeint wasn't ready yet.)


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