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New Digital Distributor for Indie Games

Posted by Dave Seaman on Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Our company is launching a new state-of-the-art digital distribution and content management platform. mygameIQ allows Developers to maximize their game via a broader reach, better messaging, and a clear monetization path. We are especially interested in adding Independent Game Developers to highlight the incredible work being done in the field.

With our successful history with America’s Army, we have been able to generate revenue through the Honor scoring system and our dedicated Honor Providers made up of the leading server providers around the world.

We are looking to partner with developers to add games to our network. I’ve included some features below and you can also reference our site

Just a snapshot of our network:
Big Download/AOL
7.2M daily unique visitors and 40M impressions to AOL Game network including:
• Game sites: Big Download,, GameDaily, Joystiq,
• Weblogs sites: Engadget, TUAW, Download Squad, Cinematical, TV Squad
• AOL core sites: front page, AIM Today/AIM Zones

America’s Army 2 & 3
Most successful Serious Game and Top 10 game for 7 years. Free To Play Game.
• 12M registered users
• 240M hours of gameplay
• 6,000 new registrations per day
• Demos include:
• 13-55
• Male and Female

Leading MMORPG Publisher, pioneering Free To Play with Microtransactions arena.
• 18 MMORPG games
• 15M registered users
• 20,000 new registrations per day
• Demos for various games:
• Males 15-35
• Females 10-25

Please contact me via the forum or directly if you are interested in being part of our network.



Secret Sauce – What makes us different?
• Free to Developer – Revenue Sharing Agreement
• Contained Environment to maximize engagement
• Channels, including a Free to Play Channel presented by Big Download (AOL)
• Downloadable content and Browser Based Games
• Leverage Backend system
o Authentication - Establish unique identity and profile persistence
o Real-time State - Maintain current active state of an environment with incremental snapshots
o Statistics Tracking System - Associate in-game events with statistical summaries
o Attribute Tracking System - Associate outcomes to a new set of attributes
o Content Delivery System - Use ANY data set to deliver individualized content
o Inflection - Engine to identify patterns and formulate predictions
o Visual IQ - Data modeling and visualization tool
• Portal to interact with other gamers
• Pragmatic Digital Distribution Network
Increased Revenues
• Integration of the Pragmatic Ad Network, putting revenue into the hands of the Developers – Making Money off YOUR game
• Advertising “around” the game that enhances the user experience and provides measurable engagement to a core demographic desired by leading advertisers.
• Turn trials into customers with better conversion rates.
• Instant community promoting your game and providing secondary sources of revenue such as microtransactions.
• Digital distribution allows for reduction in distribution costs and elimination of costly fixed media (DVD) production.
Play – Download and Launch
• By employing the Pragmatic Digital Distribution Network of leading download content providers around the world, we are able to provide high-bandwidth solutions to enhance the user experience and get the game to them faster.
• Auto-Patching ability allows for games to be updated or patched more frequently, thus adding value to your community and keeping your game fresh and dynamic.
• Download — Direct and Secure downloads via Pragmatic’s fully encrypted proprietary technology
• Full Authentication, eCommerce and DRM Solution suite allows for revenue to be generated via the purchase of the game, while protecting the game's assets from unlicensed distribution.
• Full analytics via Pragmatic's visual data mining tools. Ability to stream content, video, audio, other messaging. Pragmatic technology allows for customization of messages to individuals and for full data capture and reporting.
• Integration of Leverage technology provides Matchmaking, Leaderboards, Statistics, Buddy Lists, Communications, and other tools to enhance the users experience.


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