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DHG Games announce the release of Motocross Challenge

Posted by Dave Seaman on Thursday, 15 April 2010


Buy MotorCross Challenge - 16 Bits

Buy MotorCross Challenge Lite

(I'm unsure how long the spacial offer price will be valid for)

Motocross Challenge™ is an amazing Motocross racing game where you race through gorgeous scenic locations, handle high-flying jumps and amaze the crowds with death defying tricks.

__________4 Game Modes__________

__Beat The Clock __
Are you fast enough to handle this race? Speed through the track as fast as possible, from checkpoint to checkpoint, to beat the time limits.

__The World Tour __
Can you handle the heat of racing 3 other opponents? This is the "Battle Royal" of Motocross Challenge, it's everyone for itself!

__Trick Attack __
It's not about the race here; it's about style, jumps and stunts. You will be thrown into a free-style trick session where it's all about big scores and high flying action.

__VS Friends __
It's time to see whose the best in this duel mode. Play againts your friends for bragging rights.

__________Game key features__________

- 8 Motocross Bikes
- 8 Tricks execute
- 10 Tracks to unlock through 30 Racing Events
- VS Friend Mode
- Highscores and Leaderboards

Buy MotorCross Challenge - 16 Bits

Buy MotorCross Challenge Lite


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