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Round-Up: Indie RPG Releases in March 2010

Posted by Dave Seaman on Friday, 2 April 2010

March 2010 was a very good month for indie RPG enthusiasts with no fewer than 5 quality offerings.

First of all we got the announcement that the epic Avernum story had reached its conclusion as Spiderweb Software Released Avernum 6, A Fantasy Role-Playing Game for Windows. I've been playing this game for a good while now and I have to say, it's very impressive - if you like old-school CRPGs, this will keep you happy for months.  Then we had a great RPG Maker VX offering as John Wizard Games Announced Lilly and Sasha: Curse of the Immortals, which offered a lot of wry humour along with a well developed story and lots of mini-games.  Really enjoyed that one too, and reviewed it here (review of Avernum VI is in the works - I need to play it more to do it justice... well, that's what I'm telling the missus...).

Towards the middle of the month Warfare Studios announced the release of "Sinners, Truth Be Told". This wasn't as strong as the other two in terms of dialogue and story writing, but due to using original hand-drawn graphics this one has a completely unique look amidst the sea of similar-looking RPGs (not a tileset in sight!). Haven't played the full game yet but the demo looked pretty solid.  A week later Aldorlea Games announced the release of Dreamscape - I haven't looked at this one yet but from previous experience with Aldorlea's games, this one probably has a main city so big you could easily get lost in, about a zillion side-quests and zany characters.  Finally, right at the end of the month, we got another indie RPG as Exodus Studios announced the release of "Vastar"- a nostalgic RPG which looks sure to bring back a lot of memories.  (In fact, when I announced this game's release on Google Buzz, I soon received a comment that "This is looking like one of my good ol' kind of rpgs..." - so even without playing the game, this rang a bell with someone!)


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