Friday, 7 December 2012

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, these are the Winters of our Discontent!

Skylight 2: Winters of Discontent, has recently been released for PC.

Skylight 2: Winters of Discontent is a 3D story-driven strategy role-playing game that allows for multiple types of environmental manipulation on the battlefields, including setting parts of the battlefield on fire, fog of war, winter environments, placement of exploding barrels, engineer bases and traps, breaking down cracked walls and using computer terminals to manipulate heavy security doors, lights and alarms. The characters and their 12 types of weapons can be customized in a variety of ways to suit whatever playstyles you wish to implement, ranging from rifles for long range combat and scouting, combat knives for stealth, shields for defense and rocket launchers

for heavy damage and area of effect, among other character and weapon based customization schemes.

Skylight 2: Winters of Discontent's story takes place in Canada in the year 2034, years after a disastrous nationwide firestorm known as the Northern Burning. The Toronto specialist department of GTAL, a fictional Canadian law enforcement agency, is investigating and tracking down the unknown group who have revived and updated the Skylight Symbiote, a catalyst for the Northern Burning that is capable of turning humans into monsters. As GTAL pursues the unknown group, they have to deal with attacks on their homes, work and city from the unknown group and destructive thugs, as well as having to deal with heavy consequences from situations involving petty politics and bureaucracy.

Skylight 2: Winters of Discontent Screenshots:

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