Thursday, 20 December 2012

iOS puzzle adventure "Arranger" launches for iPad and Retina devices

Ayopa Games' hit puzzle adventure, Arranger, is now available for iPad and Retina Display devices ($0.99, App Store link). The game has received rave reviews since it released for iPhone and iPod touch. The new update also includes other additional improvements and user-suggested changes! 
Arranger tells a magical music-based quest through an opus of interactive puzzles and mini-games. It has been described as a combination of Zelda-style magical fantasy RPG, WarioWare-themed madcap minigame collective, and Kings Quest-era classic old-school musical adventure game, all with additional optimization for iPhone 5 plus iPad and Retina Display devices.

• A huge retro world with a rich assortment of environments and characters. Arranger is an interactive musically rich adventure with locations ranging from the battlefields of Numerica to the skyscrapers of Techville.
• Enjoy a wide assortment of arcade-style mini-games such as Turpato Peeling, Burger Blasting, Rainboworm Running and Spice Invaders!
• Quest through a storyline created by fantastic characters including the fearsome Feards, the fun-loving Happids, and the love-tangled Numeroids and Letterlandians.
• A groundbreaking interactive soundtrack with genres including funk, techno, new age, pop, power ballad, lullaby, jazz, and hip-hop.
• Discover and master 16 different instruments ranging from guitar to xylophone – each with their own attributes and weaponry – then engage in musical battle again an army of enemy bosses.
• Over 5,000 musical combat configurations are available!
• Rank as high as possible on Arranger’s challenging Game Center leaderboards by perfecting your performance in the madcap mini-games.
• Includes optimization for iPhone 5 plus iPad and Retina display devices.
• Soundtrack available soon!

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