Thursday, 20 December 2012

Game Blocks - first public release

The open-source Game Blocks library marks its first public release today. The library allows first-time game developers to quickly create games in the BYOB visual programming environment. 

Created by game developer and writer Sheldon Pacotti, for a course at the University of Texas' Radio-Television-Film program entitled "Writing and Narrative Design for Video Games," the Game Blocks enable first-time developers to build nonlinear interactions and narratives with minimal effort. Game logic is created with color-coded Lego-like "blocks" derived from Scratch, a free software program from MIT designed for teaching programming to young or non-technical audiences. 

Features include: 

* simple blocks for common game functions: movement, inventory, dialogue, cut scenes, cartoon animation, level transitions, physics. 

* example programs for common game types: platformer, 2D adventure, point-and-click adventure, arcade shooter, and simulation. 

* Over four hours of online video tutorials, covering the entire system of blocks and game-specific applications. 

The library is being hosted by New Life Interactive, LLC: 



New Life Interactive, LLC is an independent game studio based in Austin, TX specializing in "massively reactive" gameplay. Their first title, Cell: emergence, was released in February 2012. 


Sheldon Pacotti is an independent game developer and writer best known for his work on games like Deus Ex, America's Army, and Cell: emergence. He also teaches an interactive writing course at the University of Texas and works as a software architect at the innovation company, frog. 

     profile page at the university:

This video helps to make sense of all that!

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