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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Clay Jam is out for Android and iOS!

Well it's been out for a few days now, but I'm afraid I've been rather busy!

Clay Jam is a fun-packed, family-friendly action game set in a world made entirely of modelling clay. The once-beautiful land of Clay Jam has been ravaged by the fearsome Bully Beasts. The Hills have been sucked dry and the Monsters all enslaved. This world needs a hero – someone strong, someone stony, someone who can roll…

... someone like Fat Pebble! Get ready for the world’s first ever pebbly superhero (probably)!

Use your finger to gouge grooves in the ground and guide Fat Pebble down five fantastical hills. Squash as many monsters as you can while avoiding anything that’s larger than you. As you squash things, you grow – Katamari-style – making you go faster and letting you crush bigger and bigger things.

At the bottom of each hill lurks a unique, terrible Bully Beast. By growing as big as you can and building up your speed, you’ll knock the Beast flying – the further you can fling the demon, the closer to freedom you’ll take Clay Jam and all its inhabitants.

Complete over 130 different quests on your way to achieving world peace. Get ready for a clay revolution!

Clay Jam will be released on both iOS and Android devices in partnership with Zynga.

#1 Free Action Game in 11 iTunes stores, including the US and UK
#1 Free Kids Game in 27 iTunes stores, including the US and UK
In the top 10 Free Games in 23 iTunes stores, including the US and UK

You can download it for free on Android or iOS:

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