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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Beast Boxing Turbo Takes Hits, Upgrades Self, Returns to Ring

Alhambra, California USA - December 18th, 2012 -- In the month since Goodhustle Studios released monster boxing game Beast Boxing Turbo, it has received praise for its looks and style but also has been criticized for its lack of variety and difficult gameplay. Taking these criticisms seriously, the developers have released a new update that includes improved character AI, an easier difficulty option and a long list of balance tweaks, available now for PC and coming soon for Mac at

Although Gamezebo's Mike Rose wrote that Beast Boxing Turbo is "brilliantly intense stuff," he took the game to task for a lack of variety, saying, "Learn just one strategy, and you can beat every single enemy." 

On the other end of the spectrum, some players found the game far too difficult. PC Gamer's Richard Cobbett wrote, "People better at Punch-Out! than I ever was will likely find it considerably easier going." 

Lead Developer Gordon Luk felt that these were his mistakes, and set out to right them in a major gameplay update, released 12/18/2012. 

"When I started working on Beast Boxing Turbo I was fresh off a Dark Souls high, and that's why I was excited about a locked difficulty," Luk said. "I learned to accept that first-person monster boxing isn't exactly mainstream, and regretted restricting the audience to gaming difficulty masochists like myself. Some people are simply drawn in by the art, and I want them to have a good time as well. I reversed my decision, and a new option for easier gameplay now shows up when you lose a match." 

Luk also improved the enemy AI to prevent the player from succeeding with a one-strategy-fits-all technique, directly addressing Mike Rose's critique. He explained, "The core boxing AI was solid, but it's a valid point that they all exhibited the same basic behavior. To fix that, I created new elements like defensive movement and round-to-round adaptation, then introduced them as you advance through the leagues." 

Along with AI changes, Luk also made new balance adjustments to smooth out the difficulty curve of the protagonist's quest to take on the Grand Boxing Leagues of Beasthalla. The update also includes subtle improvements like increased punching damage, extended demo length, and retuning of NewGame Plus with drastically increased challenge. 

To celebrate the new release, the price has been lowered to $6.99 for the holidays and gift copies have been made available to eligible customers who previously bought the game. 

The full list of 1.1 updates and Gordon's full story on the process of developing this update is available at 


The full version and time-locked demos of Beast Boxing Turbo for PC and Mac are available directly at The 1.1 update is currently available for PC, and a Mac update will be available soon. 

About Goodhustle Studios: 
Goodhustle Studios, Inc. is an independent video game development studio in Alhambra, California that specializes in collaborating with artists and designers to create games that emphasize gameplay and feature original art styles. The developers regularly post updates and discuss their approach to game design on their development blog ( 

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