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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Wax Lyrical Games Announces strategy game 'Bounders and Cads'

LONDON, UK – December 23, 2012 – Today Wax Lyrical Games are pleased to announce its colourful turn-based strategy game Bounders and Cads for Windows PC and Mac desktop platforms. In Bounders and Cads, players of all ages can visit the peaceful English village of Brokeville to claim a fortune in inheritance. To succeed they must use their acumen to compete in business, deploy tricky strategies, and swindle their way out of trouble. 

To mark this announcement Wax Lyrical Games has launched the official game website and video trailer. The web site features game news, information, screen shots and other media. “Bounders and Cads is a fun little strategy game where players can experience classic 1920s rural England in real-time HD graphics, complete with its ‘tally-hos’ and cucumber sandwiches” says designer and creator Alan Thorn of Wax Lyrical Games. “It’s light-hearted fun for everybody really, with its cheeky humour. It marks an important addition to the Wax Lyrical Games portfolio”. Players can expect to enjoy its board-game style gameplay for Windows PC in early January 2013, and a Mac version is planned for Feb. 

More information on Bounders and Cads can be found at the official homepage here: 

About Wax Lyrical Games: 
Wax Lyrical Games is an independent video game studio founded in 2010 by veteran game developers Alan Thorn and Marlies Maalderink. Its debut title ‘Baron Wittard: Nemesis of Ragnarok’ was released worldwide in 2011. Wax Lyrical Games is committed to developing unique and thought-provoking video games. The official Wax Lyrical Games homepage can be found here:

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