Thursday, 20 December 2012

Cute and cuddly Tickle Critters is now available on iPhone, iPad and Android!

Brisbane, AU - 20 December 2012 - Independent game developer Safki Investments is excited to release Tickle Critters and Tickle Critters Lite, the perfect family friendly app just in time for the holidays.  The app boasts six of the most addictively darling critters, ready to be loved and tickled by you!

They’re cute, they’re sweet, and they love getting tickled!  Meet Patrick Puppy, Percy Penguin, Penelope Pig, Katie Kitten, Danielle Duckling and Ricci Rabbit.  These darling babies need your love and attention!  Tickle each critter with a simple swipe of your finger, fill their tickle meter and see what happens!  Perfect for the young and young at heart, Tickle Critters is sure to make you (and your little ones) laugh!

Full App Features

Undeniably cute critters: Patrick Puppy, Percy Penguin, Penelope Pig, Katie Kitten, Danielle Duckling and Ricci Rabbit each have different looks and backgrounds to keep you engaged and laughing for hours!
Simple to Play: A simple swipe of the finger is all you need, the perfect game on the go for  tablets and smart phones!
Darling Visuals: Each critter has their own set of vibrant and engaging animations for both happy and sad tickle them and see how they react!
Lovable audio:  The contagious music and sound effects for each critter (and baby laughter) will captivate and entertain the young ones!

The lite version (currently on Google Play) features the playful puppy Patrick .  For people craving more cute and cuddly critters, the full version contains everyone of the sweet baby animals.  “We’re very excited to release both the full version and a lite version of Tickle Critters,” says director of development Julie Wright.  “Parents can play with their children or let them play on their own.  The controls were meant to be simple and enjoyable for all ages.”

Tickle Critters lite is now available on Google Play (Android).  Tickle Critters is now available on Google Play (Android) and iTunes stores.  A trailer showcasing the gameplay and animations can be viewed via the following link:  Fans of the game are encouraged to visit the fan pages on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.

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