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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Gbanga launches Indiegogo campaign for mixed-reality game Famiglia Rise and Fall that uses open data to create 3D MMO world

Zurich, Switzerland - March 5 2014:

Gbanga Famiglia Rise and Fall is a massive multiplayer online game that uses the real world as your playground. You take the role of an up and coming mafioso trying to control bars, restaurants and banks in your city. Along the way you'll meet other players from around the world that you'll compete with for territory. The world of Rise and Fall is based on real maps with real buildings, streets, rivers and lakes. This makes it spacious, extremely diversified and, of course, realistic. If you know your neighborhood in real life, you also know the game world so you can align your strategy accordingly. Rise and Fall will be available on your smartphone or tablet and can be found at:

Game experts would call Rise and Fall an expressive next-generation cross-platform open-world open-data real-time mixed-reality location-based MMO game with first-person and third-person gameplay that you will play everywhere.

Game features:
* huge persistent open world based on real world data (OpenStreetMaps)
* mobile, cross-platform MMO and quest system
* mixed-reality location-based GPS


Since 2007, Gbanga creates mixed-reality games that entertain a world-wide community of players. The games are mass-customised and individual taylor-made experiences based on the players context, mood and preferences.

Gbanga has received international awards for innovative and lucrative gamification projects that have been developed in budget and delivered in time, including advertising games, B2B gamification projects such as sales tools and GPS apps that produce walk-in customers.

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