Monday, 3 March 2014

Poll Results so far...

We asked: What factors are most important to you when considering buying an indie game?

29 people have voted so far:

Reputation of developer
  7 (24%)
Have liked dev’s previous games
  13 (44%)
Positive previews / reviews
  22 (75%)
Recommended by friends
  12 (41%)
You like the genre
  23 (79%)
Trusted vendor you can buy from
  3 (10%)
Can buy it on a special offer
  5 (17%)
Can buy it as part of a bundle
  6 (20%)
Just like the look of the game
  15 (51%)
Liked the demo
  13 (44%)
Liked the trailer(s)
  10 (34%)
Backed it on Kickstarter etc
  3 (10%)
To support dev who is a friend
  5 (17%)

A little surprised at how few people thought the vendor they could buy from was important.  I guess in retrospect the "backed in on Kickstarter etc" option was a bit daft as that would usually include pre-ordering the game... I guess it depends how people understood the question!

Still plenty of time to vote people.  (Well, unless you happen to be reading this after March 2014 of course...)

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